Shido Lithium Batteries - More Power, Less Weight!

Shido Lithium Batteries

As a technology already embraced in the mobile phone, computer and power tool industry, lithium cells are slowly beginning to replace traditional lead-acid batteries for high performance automotive applications.

Including a massive weight saving, lithium-ion offers many benefits over lead-acid or gel batteries.

•Ultra Light – 80% Weight saving, can save up to 5 Kg depending on application

•Terminals are the same shape and position as OEM.

•Quick charge - Will charge up to 75% in just 6 minutes.

•Cranking capacity can be up to 50% more than Lead-Acid batteries

•Longer Service Life – 2000 charge cycles (10+ Years) with a 3 year warranty

•Mount in any orientation – No fluids, so will mount sideways or even upside down on specials

•No explosion risk: no gasses are produced during charge or discharge

NB – Charge with a lithium specific charger to prevent damage. Do not trickle charge with a lead-acid type charger.

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Shido Lithium Batteries
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