SBS DC Dual Carbon Front Brake Pads. Aprilia Range.



Product Details

DC - Dual Carbon are for race and track use only. The upgrade choice for Superbike, Supersport and Superstock racers in National Championship as well as for Track Day riders

// High-tech carbon compound developed for racing and standard brake systems used for race and sport bikes // Low heat transfer rate protects brake system and brake fl uid against extreme temperatures // Smooth initial bite, progressive in-stop performance with excellent brake lever feel and modulation // DEST technology used for pre-bedding of the compound to eliminate fade and secure consistent performance // NUCAP NRS technology secures a mechanical and indestructible bonding of the compound

When changing for SBS-DC from using another type of brake pad material - Follow this Bedding-in procedure very carefully:

1. Remove existing friction material deposit from brake discs - using eg. emery paper#150.

2. Do a series of gentle brakings until pad-surface is in full contact with discsurface.

3. After pad/disc contact is achieved - repeated short brakings building up heat i discs and pads until a very thin and uniform dull/black/darkblue layer of friction material (transfer film) is established on the brake disc.

4. Then a period to allow discs to cool again before proper use.

5. Then a few easy laps building up heat - ready for race use. When bedding-in procedure IS needed Always follow the above bedding-in procedure - when changing for SBS-DC for the first time OR when using new brake discs.

When bedding-in procedure is NOT needed When brake discs are covered by SBS-DC friction material (transferfilm) - new pads only need about one/two laps to be in full contact with disc-surface - then the pads are race ready (Thermal bedding-in as described above in point 1. - 4. is not needed) Cleaning of brake discs - NOT when using SBS-DC When brake discs are covered by SBS-DC friction material (transferfilm) - Do not clean/sand/grind the brake discs after each session.

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