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The new and improved Racetec RR CompK Slick.  

The answer to many track day riders and club racers requests?

We hoped so ... now we know so! 

Winner of the No Limits tyre of the year award!! 

A compounded premium race tyre with the grip and life required for a successful race weekend!  

 After plenty of testing over a spread of riders, on different machines, at different circuits and in a variety of conditions...the feedback is in and its all good! 

Trying a new tyre can be a big jump for a rider. Worrying if the tyre will do what you want it to do takes over rather than getting one on to try. Well the good news is, this tyre is going to slot into your bike and work straight away! 

The idea behind how these tyres are made, means that they can only benefit you as an amateur club racer and track day enthusiast. The new CompK hasn't been designed to break outright WSBK lap records, but it has been designed to suit YOU!

We sat with top Pirelli Metzeler bosses last year to ask them for a product which the average club racer and track day rider can use, to a high amateur level, without the need for such hands on care and attention sometimes needed with top level motorsport products.

We wanted a plug and play product. A product that was easy to use but gave results. Something that you could put the warmers on for 50 mins, set your pressures and then go out on track. Then the other side was it needed to offer a high level of grip but at the same time giving a fair life span. Oh and something that didn't hurt the wallet too much to purchase! 

Most tyre issues come from incorrect setting of just one of many important factors that a tyre needs to work correctly. A majority of race tyres are designed and made for top level professionals to use. For example the front SC1 Diablo Slick you can buy from us, is used by Glenn Irwin at BSB and Marco Melandri at WSBK. With this is mind, we need to remember those guys have a team of professionals around them to make their job possible. One important team member is the tyre technician. Their job will be to ensure tyres are correctly prepared and ready for each time the rider is ready to use one. 

The NEW CompK doesn't need this kind of attention. You can get it hot, set your pressures and then head out to perform, safe in the knowledge it will work for you.

The grip is there, the feedback is there and, what is making most riders smile the most, is that its wearing really well. Its stable at speed, it digs in when you ask it to, it makes change of direction with ease and then you can come back in, put the warmers on and get ready to back out on track and do it all again. 

The front comes in just one "Soft" Compound. 

Another soft compound is available in a 1806017 600cc size and 2005517 1000cc size. These soft rears are perfect for those riders looking for lap times and high levels of feedback and grip. 

A medium compound is available in a 2005517, for those 1000cc riders looking for a bit more longevity from their tyres whilst not compromising any feedback. 

Examples of use: I haven't asked the riders permission to use their names online, but I am happy to point them out in our NLR paddock or Trackday! 

Instructor 1: Used CompK due to price point. He was happy with the perfomance levels and life of the tyre. For his final Euro event of the year he "upgraded" to the Racetec RR K1 slick. found wear rate wasnt as good as the CompK. Went back to Compk on the same trip ... and went quicker over longer periods of time! 

Instructor 2/3/4: Slovakia 2018. Elbows down, used one set of tyres all trip (including going out in most sessions every day!) and one was 2nd fastest overall vs riders on other products.  

Rider 1. Snetterton. Times matched vs Diablo Supercosa SC2 V2. 1000cc. Rider felt with small tweeks he could have gone quicker. 

Rider 2. Snetterton. Times bettered vs Diablo Supercorsa SC2 V2. 1000cc. Tyres used all weekend. No tearing. Liked the grip, ease of use and wear rate. 

Rider 3. Snetterton. Times bettered vs Metzeler Racetec RR Slick. 1000cc. Tyres used all weekend. Grip, hange of direction and wear rate were the impressive factors. 

Rider 4. Cadwell. Times matched vs Diablo Superbike Slick SC1 front SC2 rear. 1000cc Most impressed by consistency, change of direction and wear. 

Rider 5. Cadwell. 600cc. Walked into my awning and declared he would be using these tyres all season long. Achieved a faster lap time and tyre wear was amazing. 

Riders 2 & 3. Cadwell. Reused the tyres from Snetterton to practice on all day friday, qualified Saturday and then did a 3 hour endurance on Sunday. 


  • New profiles enchancing grip and handling thanks to higher contour and increased contact patch when leaning.
  • Dedicated compounds improving versatility,  durability, cold-tearing resistance and performance consistency 
  • High structural solidity, for more stability, precision and contact feedback.
  • Soft and medium compounds available

Pressure guide 

32/36 psi front HOT 

25/28 psi rear HOT 

HOT is equal to 50 minutes at 80 degrees Celsius 


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