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Below you will find the discount codes relevant to our European track days. Please read the details in full to help answer any questions you may have. 

You must be booked onto a European event to get these discounts. Prices include shipping to the event and also FREE FITTING to loose wheels. 

Click "BUY NOW" to be taken to your specific No Limits European event, where the discount will be automatically applied at checkout! 

No Limits Racing Members please contact James directly for your testing pricing. No Limits race club members benefit from discount pricing at the highest level. Join and support the No Limits Race club for £30 and get the full member benefits! 

Where When Code  BUY NOW
Cartagena 9-12th February CLOSED CLOSED 
Cartagena 19-21st February CAR-MID-FEB CLOSED 
Cartagena 28th Feb – 2nd March CAR-END-FEB CLOSED
Cartagena 19-22 March CAR-MID-MAR CLOSED
Portimao 29-31st March POR-END-MAR BUY NOW 
Cartagena 29-31st March CAR-END-MAR BUY NOW 
Cartagena 19-21st April CAR-MID-APR BUY NOW 
Aragon 3-5th May ARA-EAR-MAY BUY NOW
Estoril 6-8th May EST-EAR-MAY BUY NOW 
Jerez 9-11th May JER-EAR-MAY BUY NOW 
Portimao 10-12th May POR-MID-MAY BUY NOW 
Cartagena 24 – 26th May CAR-END-MAY BUY NOW 
Portimao 31st May-2nd June POR-END-MAY BUY NOW 


For 2019, No Limits take full control of our European tyre fitting service by bringing the service "in-house" and utilising our No Limits Racing tyre fitting crew. Ran by our very own James in Race Support, who is your point of contact for anything to do with tyres, the team aim to provide you with an overall tyre service unlike any other out there. Quick turn around times with correct product knowledge and advice will play a big part of that, but of course an important part of the experience you are all after, is the BEST PRICE

If we are honest, a big part of this service is offering our customers the very best deals on tyres! We want to look after you when you choose to come on our days! As we run our own in-house tyre business, we are able to reward and thank you for booking your European trackday with No Limits! Subsidised pricing is available on a full range of Pirelli, Metzeler, Dunlop, Continental and Michelin products. 

We have found the best way to offer you these deals, sometimes specific to the time of year or location of your event, is to offer an online pre-order service, from where a discount code can be applied to your checkout basket. Once this code is applied, you can see what a saving you have made with us. Remember, no postage costs or additional fees apply!! 

This way of doing things means we can see where you want your tyres sending, as we deliver all European orders to your event ready for FREE fitting, and also makes sure only customers that have booked with No Limits are getting the benefit of the subsidised pricing. 

At the moment we have deals from Pirelli on Diablo Supercorsa SC with prices starting at £278.77 for a PAIR of 1207017 & 1806017! Our best selling slick, the Metzeler CompK, is still at an unbeatable price of £251 for a PAIR of 1207017 & 1806017. Just £255 for the 120/20055 PAIR deal. Remember all prices you see 

Below is a list of European events and the relevant codes to be entered to achieve a discount on your tyre order. If you do not see your event on this list, please contact us It is important you enter the code and press apply when asked to at checkout. If you do not press apply, the discount will not be applied to your order! 

Pre-Orders for each event CLOSE on the Monday before you are scheduled to load your bikes. We need time to process and ship your order to the transport company. Please note, in some cases this will be nearly 2 weeks before you are on track. Please do not foget to pre-order what you need, as once the lorries have left, we cannot guarantee having what you need at the event. 

Tyres are not the only thing the code works on. You can also benefit from the discount being applied to a range of other items in your specific European collection, such as 151s, NL clothing, Speedangle APEX and R&G knee sliders. Moving forward, you will also be able to add products such as brake pads, oil, sprockets and more to be discounted down and delivered to your event. 

Please remember these are subsidised prices for the European event you are booked onto. These prices cannot apply to mail order customers or apply through any of our UK vendors. You are buying direct at the best price, to include delivery to your European event and fitting whilst there! It is dead easy...but if you have any issues, our team is just a click or call away! 


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