Dunlop Motorsport D212 GP Pro Supersport and Superstock

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PLEASE NOTE: D212 is being phased out for the new and improved D213. This may affect stock levels and your order. For D212 GP Racer please click on the relevant D212 GP Racer tab located in the menu.

The D211 GP revolutionised the ultra-performance tyre market. Now Dunlop have developed the technology further to create the new D212 GP Pro, an even more focused circuit tyre for the racer and track day enthusiast. Incredibly this tyre is also road legal, allowing you to experience it’s formidable performance on the road on your way to the track.

Key benefits

  • New road legal competition tyre for racers and track day enthusiasts
  • Innovative NTEC system allows riders to lower tyre pressures for ultimate grip in track day conditions
  • Multi-Tread (MT) Technology ensures stability, traction, braking and longer tread life
  • Sidewalls are stabilised with belt-to-carcass angles, creating responsive transitions between maximum lean angles
  • Cooler running and predictable performance enabled through nylon breaker belts and continuously-wound aramid-fibre tread belt

Compounds are numbered, both front and rear, from soft getting progressively stronger. Dunlop GP Pro are at their best when the correct compound for the circuit and conditions is chosen. For help on choosing the correct compound please contact James in Race Support on 01525 877 087 option 4 or email

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