*Dunlop Moto 2 Slick Range - Recommended for European events*



Product Details

Dunlop Moto 2 KR slick range EXCLUSIVELY available through No Limits. 
Specially chosen for No Limits European Track Days. 
NO "specials" or "asymmetric" compounds ... these are just what you need! 
Booked on for a No Limits Euro Track Day? Why not take advantage of the subsidised pricing and free delivery to circuit. Contact James on 01525 877087 option 4 for more details.
A soft compound "1" front compares to a standard KR106 MS3. Perfect for European days. Sidewalk marking is 1207517 but actual  size is 1207017. 
On the rear we have a Moto 2 “1” which is a 9854/3 medium strong compound. Perfect for those looking for life and grip from a tyre. In a recent tyre test at Cartagena, 2 of our instructors used both the "1" front and rear. Baring in mind they are instructing in most sessions, the front lasted all 3 days on track and the rears lasted up to the end of day 2 before needing replacing. 
The 9854/3 rear compound has been used for race distance at circuits such as
Mugello, Brno and Jerez (before resurfacing). These are perfect for the Cartagena track days we have at the start of 2018. 
These tyres will offer grip and life to all levels of track day rider. These have a sidewalk marking of 1957517 but actual size is 1956517. 
For more information call James on 01525 877087 option 4. 
Please note these are a high spec race tyre which require correct fitment and settings. They are designed to be used with a tyre warmer. Pressures should work from 32 Psi to 37 Psi in the front tyre (depending on rider preference) and the rear should work at 22 Psi - no lower. These are hot pressures measure when the tyre is at working temperature. 

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