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 For European track day use we recommend the SC2 front and SC2 rear.

The Background:

The Diablo Supercorsa V2 is the ultimate evolution of Pirelli's most successful Supersport and Superstock tyre. A top performer in a many worldwide racing formats. With development coming from the highest level, none other than WSBK support classes, you to can now have exactly the same tyre as the riders that take on the extreme of riding at the highest levels. 


The Technology:

The Diablo Supercorsa V2 has a single longitudinal groove tread pattern and a high modular fibre carcass. These combined allow for increased grip, consistent performance and cornering precision. The advanced profile of the tyre also offers a larger contact patch which gives more support in fast handling of your machine. 


The Compounds:

In the 120/70ZR17 there are 2 types of compounds, the softer SC1 and the medium SC2.

In the 180/60ZR17 there are 2 main types of compound, the SC1 soft and SC2 medium. You will find both the SC1 and SC2 being used at BSB in many classes. There is a supersoft SC0 available, to special order, but it is not recommended for anything other than high level competition use. 

See the compound chart in the product images to the left of this text for an easy explanation of what compound works best for your intended use.  


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