90 Degree Angle Metal Valve



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90 Degree angled valves are a must for track day riders and racers alike! When your tyre technician talks about setting pressures hot, it is best practice to check the pressure when the bike comes in straight off the track.This gives the closest resemblance of the tyres pressure when its at its working temperature on track. 
Hot brake discs and chains can make this hard to check with standard rubber valves fitted. By fitting 90 degree aluminum valves you reduce the risk of burning yourself on the hot moving parts, reduce the risk of losing pressure when you are trying to locate the pressure guage and also increase the lifespan and safety from your valves against rubber ones.
The 90 Degree aluminium valves come in 2 sizes. The most common fitment is the 11.3mm valve. These fit most japanese sporstbike wheels. The smaller 8.3mm valve fits most european bikes (Ducati, Triumph 675, OZ, Marvic etc) and aftermarket wheels. To check which ones you require simply measure the diameter of the valve, in your current wheel, at its widest point. Ideally removing the valve and measuring the inside diameter of the hole in which the valve sits. 
These are high quality, lightweight, solid aluminium bodies which come complete with a quality valve, mounting nut and valve cap. 
PLEASE NOTE; Tyre pressures should be checked on any tyre, be they road or race tyres, before use on the road or a race circuit. Whether they need setting cold or hot, you must always check they are of correct inflation for use. For any help with setting pressures, please talk to a tyre technician at one of our events. 

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