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8 hours of racing is hard going on all aspects of a race bike and the rider. You need to ensure the bike has been serviced and checked over before asking so much of it, make sure she has fuel in to get through the session, make sure you have looked after yourself with water and correct food (not a burger for breakfast - leave that to us tyre fitters!) and a couple of more things I'm sure to get you to the finish line. 

For me of course, my main focus is your tyres. The tyre is the part of the bike that always gets the most "stick" ... be it as it gets abused by your right hand or if it under performs your expectations. Ensuring the correct tyre and compound choice, could be a major factor in having a successful race, rather than maybe a less successful and more expensive one!

My math suggests we are looking at around a 300 lap race if we have good weather throughout the day. That is going to make for some exciting racing, some long stints of riding and asking a lot from your tyre. Whichever brand and model of tyre you use, you need to look at whether it is suitable for this type of event. You need something that can be consistent over the period of time you perceive using it for.

Yes, the tyre needs to grip, but do you need as much grip from it as you would in a 8 lap sprint race where your focus is each lap being as quick as it can be over a short period of time? You will now maybe be saying "well I want each lap to be as quick as it can be in the endurance race", but can you do 45 minutes stints consistently as you can your sprint race lap pace? Some more experienced and fitter riders may well be able to, but taking a look at our endurance racing week on week, suggests most riders aim to be riding with "a little left in the tank", so they can prolong their time out on track without making mistakes caused by fatigue. To finish first, first you must finish of course! 

You may know how many laps of Donnington your usual tyre can do on a typical day and, from that, work out if it can do all the stints of racing, or if you may need some additionals to get you through the 8 hours. If you don't know these facts, then its something you need to consider. You also need to consider if the compound is right for continuous use over the period you wish to stay out on track for your stint. 

No Limits offer a pre order system, where you can order online and we will bring the tyres to the event and fit them, for free to loose wheels, for you. We will also bring some overflow stock to cover those that need something extra, but we cannot guarantee having what you exactly want unless you have pre ordered it. Please consider that when ordering tyres for this event. 

Below are some recommendations for those of you looking to come and have some fun with us at Donnington. These tyres will perform to a high level and give you the best wear rates from their available compounds.  

The new for 2018 Metzeler Racetec RR CompK Slick is probably the most suited to a high percentage of the riders at this event. It is now a premium race tyre, which is priced competitively in the market against other manufacturers premium products. It hasn't got the outright grip of an SC0/SC1/K1 BUT it has still got plenty of grip and the life gained from it is unreal. Matt Waldron used these to win the Donni 6 hour event with us in May. His lap times (1.36 was his PB on the tyres that day) show how quick the tyre can go and how consistent they stay. He only used one pair of tyres for the complete race, and the tyre still had left to do some more track time after he had finished. If the 8 hour is about an experience for you rather than an out and out chase for the fastest lap times and thinking you will win the event ... these are the tyres to have. £245 for 120/18060 combo and £250 for 120/20055 combo. The 2005517 is available in a slightly stronger medium compound if you feel you need the extra life, but the soft compound all round is capable of consistent and fast lap times. Please do not get hung up on the name or the price of this product - it works and we have proved its good enough to win races on at NLR. Any CompK tyre bought before the end of August also sees you become automatically entered into an end of season prize draw,where you stand the chance of winning a FREE European No Limits trackday! 

If you have followed the real roads racing in the past few years, you will have noticed that Metzeler have had an increased presence at the events and on the top step of podiums. Metzeler, which is owned by Pirelli, have focused their product on performing over longer and more demanding race circumstances compared to how Pirelli have designed their high end, high performing short circuit "sprint" use tyre. The Metzeler Racetec RR and RR slick are as used by the professionals at the NW200, TT and UGP. Their years of development has seen a product now available to amateur racers which has won International road races. The demands of a road race are different to a short circuit, but can be interrupted into endurance racing. High speed stability, consistency, edge grip and extended life are all parts of the Metzelers make up. a variety of sizes and compounds are available to purchase, but we tend to recommend K1 front and rear for amateur / club racers. You get the feel from the front along with the grip and good life from the rear...grip which is more than the K2 and with pretty much the same life as a K2! 

Pirelli's Diablo Superbike Slick and Diablo Supercorsa are No Limits best selling tyres. They offer high levels of performance and as used at the very top of the sport. They don't come much better than these. We would recommend using the stronger SC2 rear in endurance races. A choice of either SC1 or SC2 on the front comes more with which feel you prefer from your front end. The SC1 is softer and offers more feeling from the front end, whereas the SC2 is stronger in construction so allows the bike to stop and turn better than the softer SC1 but offers less feel from the front end. Most club racers use the SC1 on the front due to the preference of the feel. 

For those looking for something high performing, at a more affordable cost, the Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa V1 is a tyre to seriously consider. Only available in the 1207017 SC1 soft front and either 1805517 or 1905517 SC2 medium rear, it offers the same combination of compounds that many club and track day riders choose to use to gain feel from the front and life from the back. If you currently use a 1806017, the 1905517 is near enough the same size, so you can use that product as a like for like replacement tyre. These aren't as high performing as the new V2, but still offers a great tyre at a great price. This is an older tread pattern to the current V2, the front is narrower and as mentioned the rear sizes are "old sizes" compared to the newer 1806017 and 2005517 products so much more widely used. Remember on most 600cc and 1000cc, the V1 rear tyre sizes are OEM fitment, so the tyres will fit and work most machines. This may be an old read pattern design, but rest assured all tyres are 2017 or 2018 dated! These are not old stock. 

All the tyres above,and many others, are available to order by clicking here. With not much time to go before the event, please get your orders in now so we can get the stock you need in. 

For any further advice, please feel free to contact me on 01525 877087 option 4 or email - ill be there on the day for any advice you need, as well as fitting any pre ordered or tyres you bring along. We are glad to fit your own tyres and these will be fitted at a cost of £7.50 per loose wheel. All tyres bought from No Limits will be fitted for free. 

Just one final note, when ordering online please enter your home address as the shipping address - ill know from the way its been ordered that you will need them for Donni 8 Hour. Its a little glitch i have on the site. Sorry if it seems weird, but after you have ordered once it becomes an easy transaction for anything you way want from us in the future. 

See you there!


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