HM SABS - BMW-HP4 2012-2014

With HM Quickshifter’s legendary quality, reliability and performance we present to you the all new Stand Alone Blipper Shifter. The Ultimate up and down shift!

With the HM SABS, you can add an up and down shift functionality, to any bike (any bike with ride by wire – irrespective if it already has a shifter and/or blipper system) with a simple plug and play system. It is an instant self-learning algorithms makes the system super easy to use!

This HM PRO version of the SABS is taking shifting / back shifting to the ultimate level. It is the only system on the market that communicates with your ECU to get many vital parameters allowing the shifter blipper to give perfect shifts whatever the load, RPM, Gear or throttle position. It is also completely plug and play in a small, waterproof and compact unit.

The PRO version also adds intelligent auto warm up...which is by far is the most trick thing we think you can buy for your race bike!

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HMSABSBMW-HP4 2012-2014