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Applying the HM Philosophy to Instrumentation and Datalogging:

“Super high tech made super easy to use”

Take a look at the amazing HM Cloud storage and data sharing site for FREE. The combination of the dash and the HM Cloud, fully datalogs each session you are on track. You can then review all the session data in your garage before the next session, at the bar in between euro days or wherever you are sat with a mobile, tablet or computer!


Easily and socially compare lap times, entry speeds into corners, exit speeds out of corners, braking markers and so much more with your mates ... both at the track and virtually online. This is the future of data logging


Key Features:

World Leading Predictive Lap Timer. Error Codes and description recorded with time stamp. Selectable automatic or semi-automatic fault clearing in ECU. HM Cloud Storage. High Specification DATALOGGER!

Included in the advertised price are the HM M3 Dash Interface cable, which easily connects the new dash to your existing wiring harness, and a aluminium dash mounting kit specific to the model of machine you are ordering for.

Upgrade:The standard version can be upgraded to the advanced version at any time by a simple web purchase. More models will be added as soon as they are available.

Availability: In stock
HMM3TRIUMPH-Triumph Daytona 675