From January 2021, you will be required to use a front brake lever guard on all UK and European No Limits Trackdays. A front brake lever guard protects the front brake lever from a sudden impact, the likes of when you could "clip" another rider whilst on track. They have been mandatory at MotoGP, WSBK, BSB and all UK club racing for many years.

***IMPORTANT***Check the images for each size to see how to measure your tube and get the correct fitment. It is essential you measure the inside diameter of your clip on tube BEFORE ordering the lever guard. Whilst these are a universal guard, it does not mean they will fit your clip on type. The GBRacing guards come in a sealed package, which once opened, leaves them in a condition not fit for resale. Unfortunately we cannot accept returns on GBRacing lever guards that have been ordered in the wrong size and have been opened. Returns are acceptable, as per out T&Cs, for any unopened and unused lever guard.

The BLG-14-A160 14-15mm, is designed for a tube Internal Diameter of 13.6mm to 15.7mm I/D

The BLG-16-A160 16-17mm, is designed for a tube Internal Diameter of 15.8mm to 18mm I/D

The BLG-16-14-A160 16mm with internal diameter of 14mm, is designed for a tube Internal Diameter of 15.8mm to 16.5mm, but has a smaller internal diameter of 13.6mm to 15.7mm

The BLG-S1000RR is a specific fitment for BMW S1000RR with standard OEM fit clip ones, between the model age of 2009-2018 ONLY.

This GBRacing product is our recommend lever guard. As used by factory race teams at the highest level, the GBRacing lever guard will give you the best protection you need whilst you are on track. Other brands and versions are available to you, but if the lever guard is suitable to your clip on / handlebar size, we recommend choosing this GBRacing lever guard.

These lever guards are quick and easy to fit to most clip on and handlebar tubes. Please note, although it is a universal product, it may not be suitable for your machine without a bit of mechanical work involved. Some clip on tubes will need rubber balance inserts to be removed so these GBRacing lever guards will fit correctly. This can mean clip ons or handlebars have to be removed from the bike, to then remove any inserts. Please see the images to help guide you on how to select the correct fitment.

GB Racing Products are FIM approved partners of many MotoGP, WSBK and BSB teams. Providing crash protection for the best since 2006!

Made from revolutionary new tough, high-impact composite material made from 60% Long Glass Fibered Nylon, the GB Racing lever guard is the best lever guard we have seen on the market.

Designed to fit inside your clip on tube, the guard wraps around the brake lever, protecting you from any accidental pressure being applied to the brake lever.

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