GB Racing products - HONDA CBR500 2013-2018

GBRacing products are the clear benchmark in high-performance, bolt-on motorcycle protection for the short circuit, road racing and street bike community. We are the only company to have received FIM product approval from 2009 onwards. This has now been renewed for 2017 through to 2020 on our range of bolt-on secondary engine covers, along with MCRCB, FFM, IDM, AMA, CIV, IDM, FFM and World Endurance approval. We also have two patents granted: Improved Composition (Patent #GB2479405) for the material used in our engine protection and a patent for our Reverse Wear Indicators (Patent #GB2532535).
3D Design
Each product is specifically designed, engineered and manufactured to deliver the best overall quality protection. Our core product range is our FIM-approved bolt-on secondary engine covers. We vary the thickness of the injection-moulded material from 2mm to 12mm to give maximum engine protection without compromising ground clearance or weight.
Our crash bobbins, frame sliders and Bullet Sliders are engineered with the same exacting level of care and attention to detail. They dissipate force in their structure and are designed to bend under heavy forces rather than transfer these potential forces to the bike. They greatly reduce the possibility of ‘flipping the bike’ and potentially causing more damage.
Our Bullet Sliders are manufactured in two versions. The 'Race' version, which sits beneath or parallel with the fairing, and concentrates on protecting the frame, radiator and other areas that can prove difficult to repair in between sessions or races. We also have the 'Street' version. This version protrudes beyond the fairing, where damage to the original road fairing can be costly and is therefore a high priority. Both provide another point of contact in the event of a crash.
Alternator crank cover
Our GBRacing alternator crank covers are designed to provide the best protection to your motorcycle's alternator. We have designed these alternator crank covers to fit both the standard stock casings and the modified kit alternators. The alternator is located on the left hand side of your motorcycle. All of our covers come supplied with replacement bolts. There is no need to remove stock casings or gasket seals.
What is the difference between STOCK and KIT engine covers?
The STOCK refers to the stock casings, as you would see on your bike in the showroom. The KIT refers to factory casings, normally the alternator cover, where race teams would purchase factory alternators that produce minimal charging of the battery, to reduce inertia and therefore increase performance. Therefore, the KIT alternator cover is designed for a kit alternator casing which has replaced the standard casing.
Clutch cover
The GBRacing clutch cover will provide protection and style to your motorcycle's clutch. This clutch cover is fitted over the existing clutch on the right hand side of your motorcycle. All of our covers come supplied with replacement bolts for your clutch crank cover. There is no need to remove stock casings or gasket seals.
Timing crank cover
The timing crank cover is located on the right hand side of your motorcycle. The timing cover is usually the smallest of the set. Once again, all of our covers come supplied with replacement bolts. We highly recommend using the timing crank cover with our clutch crank cover for maximum protection. There is no need to remove stock casings or gasket seals.
Bullet frame sliders
Our revolutionary bullet sliders have been developed and tested for their strength, effectiveness and durability on race bikes in the British Superbike and Supersport championships with excellent results. These bullet sliders can also have the moulded tops removed and replaced after a crash creating a very cost effective product.
What is the difference between STREET and RACE Bullet sliders?
The STREET refers to the Street bullet sliders. These 'Street' bullet sliders will protrude from your fairings to protect them and the parts that lie beneath. The RACE refers to the race-developed 'Race' bullet sliders. These sliders are designed to fit flush to, or under, your motorcycle fairing. They are designed to protect your radiator, frame and other vulnerable areas.
Lower chainguard
Using our tough 6.6 long glass nylon, we have produced a strong, durable lower chainguard to help protect your hands and legs. This chainguard will also stop your fingers or feet from getting caught in the chain during a crash.
Paddock stand bobbins
Purchase our GBRacing bobbins to really complete your protection bundle. These bobbins will help to minimise damage to your swinging arm during a crash. They also double up as paddock stand lifting points.
Front spindle protector
This protects your front forks and brake discs.
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GB Racing products - HONDA CBR500 2013-2018
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