Dunlop Motorsport D213 GP PRO

Compounds are numbered, both front and rear, from soft getting progressively stronger. Dunlop D213GP Pro are at their best when the correct compound for the circuit and conditions is chosen.

We recommend a Pro 2 RACE front and Pro MS4 RACE rear for the majority of track day use, but this could differ with circuit choice, time of year and rider requirements. Correct compound choice is essential with all race product, but none more so than the D213 range from Dunlop Motorsport. Please contact Race Support on 01525 877087 option 3 to discuss compounds if you are unsure what compounds to order.

Currently the stock levels on the 200/60/17 D213 GP Pro are very poor. As such, we are not listing them for sale on the website. Please feel free to contact our Race Support team to see if they can get what compound you require.

Key Features

New front & rear profiles provide greater contact patches at all lean angles, improving grip, handling and reducing steering effort.

New front & rear JLB construction delivers greater predictability, feedback and increases braking efficiency.

Dunlop‘s Heat Control Technology controls tyre temperature to provide a consistent performance over a wider operating window

A radical new fin-style tread pattern which has been designed to deliver improved warm-up times and maximise the amount of rubber in contact with the road in dry conditions.

Target running pressures for the D213 are:

Front 2.2 - 2.4 Bar / 32 - 34 PSI NB this has changed to this for 2019!

Rear 1.4-1.7 Bar / 20-24 PSI

Dunlop continues to stress the importance of the correct tyre pressure setting & tyre warmer strategy to achieve optimum performance and durability over full race distance. If you require help with this, please contact James in No Limits Race Support.


Every effort will be made to deliver the goods as soon as possible after your order has been accepted. We aim to fulfill orders within 3 working days of receiving them. However, we will not be liable for any loss or damage suffered by you through any reasonable or unavoidable delay in delivery. In this case, we may inform you of the delay and the reason for the delay as soon as is practical. For more urgent deliveries, or special delivery requests, please contact No Limits Race Support on 01525 877087 option 3.

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Dunlop Motorsport D213
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