Metzeler Racetec RR - Ultimate performance at great prices!



Product Details

The Background:

"Feel the RRace, feel the RRoad". The Racetec RR earns its name from the Road Racing. The Racetec RR has been developed, and put to the ultimate test, with the winning teams and riders. Road Races are one of the most difficult and challenging racing activities, due to the combination of circuit length, speed, altitude, temperature variation and variety of tarmac. The Racetec RR has been engineered to cope with all these different situation in just one race, providing unmatched durability and versatility.


The Technology:

High flexibility polymers and a combined stiffness structure mean the Racetec RR adapts to tarmac micro texture and offers differentiated behavior between the crown and sidewall of the tyre. These combined give for precision and stability whilst providing high levels of grip. The homogeneous rubber matrix means that the Racetec RR is a consistent performer whilst resisting well against abrasion.   

The Compounds:

The Racetec RR comes in 3 types of compounds. The main 2 used in racing, and available at special NLR members rates, are called the K1 soft and K2 medium. Both compounds offer high intensity grip and handling. As a No Limits Racer you are also open and free to chose which compound will suit you for your bike and the circuit combined with the weather conditions.

Your own No Limits Racing member in-house tyre expert, James Powell, is here to help you make the correct choice on which to choose. To speak with James in more detail about any questions you may have please call him on 01525 877087 ext 815 or email him at; James is specifically here for the No Limits Members needs, so please utilize him and his expertise to get the most from your race weekend. 


The No Limits Racer Member Deal:



For No Limits Racing customers we have been able to secure a supported price on a range of tyres direct from Pirelli. Pirelli are supporting the No Limits Racing championship once again for 2019, and as a result we are pleased to pass on a specific deal designed for our members only. A maximum of 8 pairs, from the supported tyre list, is granted per meeting to each member. To qualify for the pricing members can easily purchase online up to a week before the next meeting. Once you have pre ordered and pre paid, the tyres will be made available for you to collect (stock allowing from the supplier, you will be advised if there is a shortfall on your order before the event) at the race event only. Tyres purchased at the event, although competitively price, will not be sold at the members prices.


As well as supported prices you will receive free initial fitting and balancing of your tyre/s at the race meeting. Combined this with no additional card fees and this deal is really a money saver for the No Limits Racing Members


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