Lower Group Track Day Tyres

Thinking about coming on your first No Limits Track Day? Maybe you have already taken the plunge and want to make sure the tyres you are using are right for the job? In this section you will find a range of tyres from several manufacturers that we give the seal of approval for lower group riders to use, over most types of motorcycles we see on our days. 

We identify that a majority of lower group riders are using their road bike, and in this collection you will find mainly tyres are designed as hypersport product, so fast road and occasional track day use. They will offer the level of grip (and more) you will require to do a track day with, plus will offer a longer lifespan than out and out race product you may have seen others use. 

Tyre warmers may not be necessary with these tyres (check individual product listings for recommendations) although, correct inflation of tyres will be required to ensure correct and safe use. Remember if you are riding to your No Limits Track Day, the tyre pressures you use on the road may differ on track. We follow tyre manufacturers guidance on pressure settings, and where these guidlines are not available, we encourage riders to use the manufacturers recommendations from their user manual or usually located on the swingarm. 


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