Pirelli Diablo Superbike Slick - Not For Highway Service - Euro

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 For European track day use we recommend the SC3 front and rear. This is as used in the World Endurance Championship! 

The Background:

The official tyre of the WSBK and BSB championships. Dedicated to professional riders and to sporting users who are looking for top level performance on racetracks all over the world. The compounds and materials of the carcass found in these tyres is a direct result of innovative technological solutions developed on the most demanding racetracks in the world. With a profile designed to ensure incomparable handling and maximum support at high angles of inclination. The Diablo Superbike provides the very best of traction and stability at high speeds, with high and constant performance lap after lap.


The Technology:

The Diablo Superbike Slick has an increased total radius of 2% on previous models with an optimized tyre profile. This means the rider benefits from better distribution of stress and tension as well as more contact with the ground. Genuinely specific compounds previously developed at WSBK providing better thermo-mechanical resistance and extremely rapid warm-up times. This helps significantly increase absolute performance and lap after lap high speed stability. 


The Compounds:

The Diablo Superbike Slick is available in 3 types of compounds. The softest SC1, the slightly stronger medium SC2 and the SC3 Endurance tyre. 

You will find both the SC1 and SC2 being used in the BSB Superbike Championship. Unlike other BSB class the Superbike riders have the choice every time they go out as to what tyre they want to try, to ensure they are at the height of their game every time they are on track.

The SC3 is a new compound Pirelli have introduced after successful tests of the front tyre in WSBK, as well as both tyres in the FIM Endurance World Championship. The SC3 has been specifically developed for endurance races and situations where good resistance and lasting performance are needed. In the warmer climates of Europe, where this compound works at its best, this is the tyre to consider using! 

All NHS (Not for Highway service) motorcycle tyres are only for pure racing and cannot be used on public roads.



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