Bridgestone W01 Rain

Ride your bike on this and you're racing on the closest tyre you will ever get to where the technology comes from in the first place. Some would call it an unfair advantage. Bridgestone call it the W01. W01 gives you the feedback and grip to feel totally confident at any lean angle even in the wettest conditions.

Wet? What wet? You’ll wonder where the wet went when you race on W01. The groove drainage and pattern design channel water away from the contact patch faster than ever.

Optimization of rigidity between front and rear tyres gives ideal pattern deformation for top handling of today’s powerful race bikes.

Bridgestone tests show that W01 will help you clock better average lap times and faster “best laps” than its predecessor, right from the start!

  • Tread design replicates pattern used in Moto GP!
  • Extended grooves positioned for optimal channeling of water flow.
  • Larger contact patch gives higher grip, even in heavy rain conditions.
  • Reduced belt rigidity improves track contact characteristics.
  • Newly-developed compound with upgraded technology straight from the race tracks.
  • Handling is enhanced by optimized rigidity between front and rear, producing ideal pattern deformation.

All NHS (Not for Highway service) motorcycle tyres are only for pure racing and cannot be used on public roads.

Bridgestone continues to stress the importance of the correct tyre pressure setting & tyre warmer strategy to achieve optimum performance and durability over full race distance. If you require help with this, please contact James in No Limits Race Support.


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Bridgestone W01 Rain
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