Continental ContiRace Attack Rain

Innovative pattern design to ensure optimal water clearance and high grip in extreme wet track conditions. Controllable ride with high feedback characteristics providing excellent traction even under hard riding conditions due to a state-of-the-art racing rain compound.

Amazing grip in the rain and very wet conditions. Please be aware that use in unsuitable conditions will result in lack of grip and increased tyre wear due to the tyre overheating. 

Tip: Use the tyre without the tyre warmer, so that you can get used to the increasing grip. It is, however, also possible to pre-heat the tire.

WARNING! Tire pressure is dependent on the outdoor temperature. ContiRaceAttack Rain

COLD pressures

Front 2.1-2.3 bar 30-33 PSI 

Rear 2.1-2.3 bar 30-33 PSI

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