Bridgestone V02 Slick

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The very popular, and in demand, Bridgestone V02 Slick, is now available to order from No Limits!The latest superbike slick released by Bridgestone and its rammed with the latest top level racing technologies. The V02 is attracting riders all over the globe. Once you try this, you'll never look back. The extra belt inserted in the tyres construction optimise the contact patch to offer mind blowing cornering grip.

This is what tyre technology straight from the race tracks really feels like. Brush aside the competition with new levels of grip, stability and control. Genuine contact feel throughout the turn means you know exactly when to push the limits, even at high camber angles.

And as an added bonus, you can keep on booking the fastest lap times for longer, thanks to the Battlax Racing V02’s softer, more wear-resistant compound. Mono Spiral Belt (MS-BELT) construction minimises internal friction for greater stability and consistency, throughout the race and throughout the life of your tyre.

Minimal slip design allows for new, softer compound, enhancing grip even further throughout the temperature range. Newly developed compound dramatically enhances warm-up performance and increases tyre life. Incredible levels of lateral grip set the standard for stability, balance and high-level cornering performance.

These tyres are Not for Highway Service (NHS). 


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Bridgestone V02 Slick
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